April 19, 2015

Social Media Vendor Rip-off

Photo by Buster Benson, Flickr.com

An acquaintance asked me to take a look at her recently designed website. While there, I followed the links to her Twitter and Facebook feeds to see how her business was set up. I poked around for a few minutes and was so shocked by what I saw that my jaw literally dropped. The company (or the geek in his grandma’s basement) she hired to manager her Facebook and Twitter accounts was posting periodically, each post a few days apart. For retail businesses, this is not frequent enough, but at least there was some activity. The jaw dropping moment occurred when I noticed that they never bothered to develop an audience. In other words, they’re posting but nobody is reading the posts because they haven’t “friended” or followed anyone.

One post alerted people of a one-of-a-kind sale on a famous high-end merchandise website. But no one was there to read the post and follow through. But the strangest thing I noticed was on their Twitter feed. Although the URL to the company website and to the high-end merchandise website was listed, the hyperlink was missing. The purpose of a hyperlink is to make it easy for people reading your feed to click on your link. For heaven’s sake, to eliminate the link is foolish!

Facebook and Twitter are great social media sites. However, as anyone using either site can tell you, it necessary to take the time to “friend” or “follow” people. This is quite a time consuming chore, particularly if you’re working two or more social media sites and trying to run a business at the same time. If you don’t have the time to develop your own social media followers, by all means outsource it. But, please do your research and make sure that you give the business to someone who understands how to build a following and can create interesting, clickable posts for your business.


  1. Rick Gilman says:

    I couldn’t agree more even though I am as guilty of some of what you speak as the next guy. I find the cobbler’s children go barefoot most of the time. That’s my most challenging issues.

    How do you do it? Your website is great. Congrats!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Rick!!! I use WordPress and highly recommend it, especially for writers and bloggers like you who can truly take advantage of its functionality. I’m guilty of not taking my own advice too. Working for others prevents me from blogging and marketing my own business as much as I’d like.

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